Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Study

Mayo Clinic researchers, under the direction of David Daniels, M.D., Ph.D., have been evaluating drugs and compounds which might one-day be used to effectively treat inoperable brain tumors called diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPGs). Of note, they recently identified a pharmaceutical agent that reduces (DIPG) tumor growth in laboratory animals. The drug (an STAT-3 inhibitor) also consistently penetrates the formidable blood-brain barrier when administrated orally. Additional efficacy validation will warrant the downstream establishment of Stage I clinical trial. Dr. Daniels and his colleagues have concurrently developed a method to regulate signaling activity conducted by STAT-3 proteins. This notable milestone may ultimately prove effective in neutralizing DIPGs which include a common mutation called H3K27M. More than eighty percent of DIPGs contain H3K27M mutations. These types of tumors cannot survive without STAT3 interaction.

To date, Dr. Daniels and his team have evaluated over 100 FDA-approved drugs and approximately 200 epigenetic modulators as possible STAT3 inhibitors. Their promising, goal-oriented work will continue throughout 2017 with greatly appreciated Humor to Fight the Tumor philanthropic support,